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Our Story

How we began

Heart to Heart Orphans Children Centre (HHOCC) is registered as a social service ministry in Kenya. It begun in 2006 with the aim of ending the cycle of poverty through community based multi-level holistic approach addressing the needs of the orphans and vulnerable childen and those at risk of of abuse, neglect or exploitation. We serve in the context of the Biblical words of James 1:27 (... to look after orphans and widows in their distress...) The organization is Lutheran affiliated but works with other churches and communities in Kenya. HHOCC is not limited to a denomination/religion but is out to help and support that needy child and vulnerable person in the community irrespective of their denomination or religious affiliation. Heart to Heart is Community based and acts as social support arm of the church in Gods acts of mercy but mainly working with the communities. Her operating office is in Nairobi and works more with the larger Lutheran Central Diocese and the community at large offering education, nutrition and healthcare support for the orphaned and vulnerable children especially HIV & AIDS orphans, People living and affected by HIV & AIDS, girls and boys from the marginalized communities and the rehabilitation program for potential street girls helped not to go on the streets to sale their bodies for survival. The goal is to offer holistic care in education and decent desired care and development.

  • Our Vision -To Restore the holistic dignity of the vulnerable person in the community.
  • Our Mission - to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life of orphans, vulnerable children and persons infected or affected by HIV & AIDS through holistic care in education and decent desired life and development.


  1. It is estimated that there are 17.8 million children who are orphans having lost both parents (Double Orphan) UNICEF                         
  2. It is estimated that 153 million children worldwide, ranging from infants to teenagers, have lost either one parent ("single Orphan)
  3. There are more than 34 million orphans in Africa today and about 11 million of them are orphaned due to HIV&AIDS. Eight out of 10 children in the world whose parents have died of AIDS related illness live in sub-Saharan Africa ( Christian Alliance for Orphans)
  4. Over 7 million children are in institutional care worldwide (SAVE).
  5. One in five children living in developing countries is severely underweight (World Bank, UN).
  6. Over 1 billion children suffer from at least one form of severe deprivation of basic needs such as water, food, and sanitation (SOS).
  7. 19,000 children under the age of five died every day in 2011 (UNICEF).
  8. 22 million children are refugees or internally displaced, forced to flee their homes due to violence or natural disaster (UNHCR).
  9. Over 1 billion children live in countries affected by armed conflict (UNICEF).
  10. 67 million children of primary school age do not go to school (UNESCO).
  11. Children suffer from domestic violence everywhere. On every continent, households report domestic violence against children at rates ranging from 20 to 60% (UN DESA; UNICEF).


Argwings Kodhek Road – Metropolitan Court Hurlingham

P.O. Box 7427-00300 Nairobi, Kenya




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