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Post-Test Clubs

Liya Kabede : Helping others isn't a chore; it is one of the greatest gifts there is...

We work with people living and affected with HIV&AIDS. In the post test clubs, people living and affected with HIV&AIDS take advantage of our support in guidance and counseling. Due to post-test clubs, the community progressively is accepting people living and affected by HIV&AIDS. The levels of stigma and discrimination are on the down ward trend individual and community levels respectively. We have seen improved self-acceptance of status and are able to live with everyone without feeling discriminated or stigmatized. We use the SAVE model developed by religious leaders to mitigate on issues HIV & AIDS (…Safer Practices – the S part of SAVE stands for ‘safer practices’. This covers all of the things that can be done to address methods of HIV transmission. These include: staying with one sexual partner, using sterile needles, using condoms, testing blood for HIV before transfusions, preventing parent-to-child transmission, circumcision and abstaining.

Under SAVE, everyone with HIV&AIDS should have access to treatment. In particular, SAVE isn’t concerned just with access to anti-virals. Just as important is access to medicine for opportunistic infections, and good nutrition.
SAVE advocates confidential testing and counseling be made available to everyone who wants it. This serves two important purposes. First, making testing and counseling available to everyone increases the number of people who know whether or not they have HIV, and who know how to prevent transmission. Right now, a large portion of HIV infections are due to people not knowing they are infected, and not protecting their partners. Second, making the testing and counseling confidential will allow people who are now avoiding testing for fear of stigma to get tested.

Empowerment has several means. It means reducing the stigma against people with HIV, people who are infected can get treatment without fear of stigma and people who fear they have been infected can get tested. It also means empowering minorities who at the greatest risk of HIV including women and drug users. It also means empowering the community, taking steps to fight poverty, to help people get control over their lives and stop the wider social issues which contribute to the spread of HIV… Borrowed from website)
In Heart to Heart, we provide small loans under the micro entrepreneurship initiative for vulnerable mothers and women mostly single mothers and widowed with very minimal interest that they are able to repay with minimal constrains. With the proceeds and interest, they get it enables them to meet the basic needs of the respective families and improve their standards of living. We also help them expand their businesses if need be and are trained on micro business skills and management. Most of these trainings we facilitate through the Post Test club group sessions and also have select women who give a good plan for business for the small loans.
We also assist in Medicare and train on drug adherence and nutrition literacy. This training educates them on the importance of taking drugs every day and also the right diet for them. It also helps them to know how to budget in order for them to get the required diet. Hygiene is key in our training sessions with the groups, because good hygiene also improves health.
We also enroll families in psych social therapy. This enables members of their families to accept their status. This has enabled them to live with their families without facing discrimination or having the members of their respective family distancing themselves from them. We talk to the members of the family or relatives on the aspect of palliative care and love for the sick and bed ridden. This has enabled growth in the post test clubs and has also helped those living and affected with HIV&AIDS live a strong and healthy life. Acceptance from family is very important and family psycho social care and therapy plays a key role in HIV &AIDS holistic structures.


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