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Kipawa Sato

In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn....

This is a new program that has been launched through the Heart to Heart initiative to develop the talents and gifts of many of our children including youth and teens in the Church and Community. This was in response to the weekly feeding program from Monday to Friday where we give the children lunch and in the case of Kibera early supper. Through our interaction with these dear ones we realized that they have more than just the academics.
In this program we focus on discovering, nurturing, encouraging, developing and supporting the individual and group level to exercise their God given abilities apart from the academics.


It is a platform that we also want to build the faith and Biblical knowledge among the children, teens and the youth but in a creative and fun way. This is an opportunity for engagement for individuals, groups and missions who would like to be part of this noble calling and would want to see progressive development of the youth in the church and their respective surrounding community. Mainly the program is run from our respective slum church that is Kibera Lutheran Church and Kawangware Lutheran Church respectively.
We started working with about 75 children and about 10 youth at Kibera in January when we launched the initiative but currently the number has increased to average about between 100 to 120 children/teens and about 20 youth in the Kibera program and about 120 and 130 children between ages 7 to 15 at the Kawangware program and about 25 youth. The youth and young adults help in running the respective activities however we also invite professionals to help with the psychosocial challenges among some of the children through group therapy and talent identification.
The main program leader is Douglas Masheti though being at Kawangware also monitors and guides even the program in Kibera. Heart to Heart is the oversight body in terms of monitoring and evaluation with a view to improving on the program service delivery


  1. To curb idleness.
  2. To teach the word of God.
  3. Offer guidance and counseling
  4. Use creative arts (drawings, molding using mud among other models for counseling and doing therapy for the traumatized children and the youth especially from loss and abusive background
  5. Encourage the schooling and career choices in the future
  6. Identifying talents and gifts and develop them appropriately
  7. Create exposure through music, drama and talent festivals
  8. Sporting activities and team building.
  9. Have personalized attention to the children who might have psychosocial challenges and vulnerability.
  10. Go for excavations and camping for change of environment and team building activities

We truly appreciate this support and believe that we are very much headed in the right direction as we work and give hope to the children in community especially in the slums. Our vision and mission is to reach as many children and with youth in the poverty stricken slums specifically in Kawangware and Kibera with the word of God and holistic development.
As part of this program is the lunch time feeding and occasional snacks which go a long way to lessen the hunger pangs the most of the children experience. We therefore try very much to serve a lunch that is balanced in terms of health and nutritional value. Thank very much for making this possible and being part of this noble ministry of God’s care and love to the less privileged in our society
As indicated we have noted an increase in the number of the children and youth and humbly request for more support as God will guide. On average a child’s lunch and related snacks costs about Ksh. 42 (just about half a dollar every Saturday.


As part of our program the Kipawa Holiday camp is for the children to get a chance to be out of their normal setting that is the slum environment where they live most of their life and rarely have an opportunity to venture outside their slum environment for a holiday and venture. With the holiday camps which we mostly have in the either in the months of August or November when the schools have closed for the respective breaks, we take these children out of the slums/Nairobi to a serene conducive and relaxing healthy place where there is a natural environment. We let them relax, play and have activities that are fun enhancing team building and how they relate in a different environment. During these camps we feed them with three meals. It is also a time where the adult volunteers bond with the children and get to know them better.
This year we are planning to take the children to Naivasha in a four days camping experience where the children will socialize, bond together, have fun and experience a different style of leaving outside the slums.
To make this possible we require funds that will facilitate all these activities. We therefore appeal for your support so that we can put a smile on the face of these dear loved ones and bring a positive impact in their lives through the different activities that take place at the camp. Our target this year is to enable 150 children in the program from the slums (Kibera and Kawangware) to be able to participate.


Transport – to and from Naivasha. We hire buses to transport the children to the area where the camp will take place.

Food – During the stay at the camp we normally feed the children with breakfast, lunch and supper. We try as much as possible to make the meals balanced in terms of nutrition since when the children are at their homes in the slums they hardly ever get to enjoy a well-balanced meal.

Accommodation – This is where the children rest (take a nap) after a long day of fun and learning. We hire tents and beddings for them 

Personal Items – This includes bathing soap, laundry soap, body lotion/oil, toothpaste and tissue papers among other small needed toiletry supplies.

Playing items – items such as balloons, soccer balls, ropes, badminton and other playing materials needed in the related fun games.

With the same about we also pay some small stipend to the mentors and team volunteers that make this happen during the respective camps

When the children get outside their setting that is from the slum area, they open up and are able to share the challenges they go through. When they share we are able to guide and counsel them as appropriate. By doing this the children grow with the desired values and virtuous attitude that are accepted in the society and in the same breath avoid vices such as drugs and addiction, early engagement in sexual activities, early childhood marriages, crime and child prostitution. You can share with friends and support where you can. (The total amount needed is 150 children x Ksh. 3000 this amounts to Ksh. 450,000 which is equivalent to US $ 4500.
We are hoping that we can realize this figure so that we reach our planned camp. Your prayers and engagement are highly appreciated God bless you as you prepare to touch a child’s life.


Argwings Kodhek Road – Metropolitan Court Hurlingham

P.O. Box 7427-00300 Nairobi, Kenya



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