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Rescue, Rehabilitate & Reintegrate

The words of kindness are more healing to a drooping heart than balm or honey...

One of the major needs for the orphaned and vulnerable children is decent living in terms of shelter. The conditions that most of these loved ones find themselves in are very deplorable and sorrowful. We also have some widows and single mothers who experience rejection and are subjected to a lot of abuse and vulnerability due to the high levels of poverty.
For this reason, we envision and welcome the possibility of a children’s village. This will not only help us respond to the immediate needs of the girls and boys who have no relatives or guardians at all but will also be a long-term solution to their vulnerability and homelessness. We have been having cases of children abandoned and have nowhere to go and over time we have been trying to ask guardians to stay with them but in some instances cases of abuse and mistreatment are reported back to the office.


We also have children whom we are rehabilitating from the streets and in the process, we are to reconcile them back to their kin (relatives). Some of these children from the streets come from homes where generally the situation is not that bad but due to a myriad of reasons they run away from their homes and join the street life. We need a place where we can rehabilitate, counsel and reconcile them back to their families for those that we are able to engage.

At the moment we have a small rescue center at Kawangware where we have 20 children. Some of these children are total orphans, some have one parent who cannot take care of them. For these children, we give them food, clothing, shelter and the loving that a parent would give.


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