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Nickolas is paralyzed due to spinal TB from HIV/AIDS he has a wife Mary Wairimu and his two children Maureen Wangui and James Kaumba. He has been bed ridden for the last 6years, he cannot be able to stand and walk by himself, he has to be assisted even to attend to calls of nature. His wife is does a small business selling vegetables. He would improve if he could get support to do physiotherapy this would help him manage with life, there is a new place for physiotherapy in Kibera where he could get have physiotherapy, the cost per visit is 3dollars and its near his home.

Nickolus Awende And His Family 

Ann is living with her mother in a shanty house in the slums of Gataka. She was raped and as a result she got infected with HIV and she also conceived when she was still young and naive. Now she has two children and has no one to support her she only depends on her mother who is also HIV positive. No one is willing to marry her because of her status, she has been trying up and down to make ends meet but all in vein since all her children go to school and must have food to eat, her mother cannot support her since she is sick she cannot work or walk easily due to the sickness. It is known that when Ann cannot find work, she goes out to find men who pay her for sex. This is a real problem as this is a reason HIV and AIDS spreads and this also puts her at further risk. Her needs are, House rent food and fees for her children. If she gets support she is very much willing to do a business which can be able sustain her.

Ann Wanjiru 

According to the Maasai community traditions Nayioma Kisiol should have been married 5years ago. This is because girls are not considered so important in the community they are suppose to get married as early as possible so as the father can get as many herds of cattle from her in other words they are being considered to be assets of the family. Now she is relieved after she was taken to a boarding school where she is far away from the old men in their community. She has gone this far because of the support she has been receiving from her sponsor through Heart to Heart. Since she has rescued she was staying in school, even during the holidays in order to keep her away from the elders of the community and the father who wanted to marry her off. Through education and outreach the area chief ( A government official) and other non-state agencies have been encouraging the girls to go back to their families during vacation time. Families also are being educated on benefits of educating their daughter instead of marrying them off when they are still under age. One function of the chief is to ensures that the rights of the girl child are protected by not allowing pre-arranged marriages that involves school-going-age girls. She has set her goals to perform well in High School and get to a good university, then after that she hopes to become one of the champions against early marriages in their Maasai community.

Nayioma Kisiol 

Eunice was to be married when she was in class 4. Her father had been promised a large herd of cows as dowry by the fellow old man whose age is five times Eunice’s. She ran away from her parent’s home when she realized that her father was organizing a ceremony for her marriage. She was rescued by a good Samaritan who directed her to the area chief, the chief brought the case to Heart to Heart requesting for the girl to get support for education. She is now in a boarding school studying hard to get good grades and become a lawyer to fight for the rights of the Maasai girls. Some of the abuses include forced marriages, FGM – female genital mutilation, and property rights. The Photo was taken when she was at home for three days holiday.

Kashampi Mtari 

Mary is a young clever Maasai girl whose dreams is to become a doctor and later vie for the area women representative in the Parliament and advocate for the rights of women in the Maasai community. She was denied that opportunity to go to school instead she being married to an old man with 4 women, at her parent’s home some of the duties she used to perform were those of an adult woman in a family e.g milking of cows, fetching the materials for building the Manyatta (house), and this was to prepare her for the marriage. She said she is now studying hard and become resourceful to her community which is considered to be backwards in terms of civilization due to its traditions and low levels of education. She has really appreciated to her beloved sponsor and all who participated to help her get out of the planned forceful marriage and now she believes her life will be an example to many and through her, changes will be seen in her community especially because of the girl child neglect attitude in her community.

Mary Kishau 

The lady holding a baby is called Caren a mother of 5 children (Mollet Akinyi, Steve Biko, Adrine Adhiambo, Ephy Awuor, and Jayden Otieno) two of her children are not in the above picture, and the small baby she’s holding is her grandchildren. She became paralyzed due to HIV/AIDS drugs for the past five years. Her husband died two years ago due to Hiv related illnesses, immediatly after his death his company offered to pay house rent for Caren for one year, at the moment the company did stop paying for her the house rent, her children are just hustling to make ends meet by washing clothes for people, this has affected their studies very much. Caren’s condition is becoming worse, since her hands and legs have started carving, physiotherapy is URGENTLY needed to help her improve.

Caren and Her Family

Josephine has been living with HIV for five years now. She has four children and her last born she gave birth prematurely and the child has been in the incubator for 3 months already. When the baby is well enough to come home, then Josephine will not be able to pay the bill which will be quite high by then. She usually visits her baby in the hospital. Two of her children are also HIV positive including the one in the incubator and the second last born. Her husband is bedridden and cannot go out to look for work, so all the burden of taking care of the family remains on her. Her husband’s family sent them away claiming that they are bringing curse to the family. She is now washing clothes for others to provide food for her little children. Her immediate needs are house rent, food the amount of funds needed to get the infant child out of hospital, and school fees for her.

Josephine Awuor x

Consolata is a widow who is living with her four children in the slums of Gataka since the death of her husband. She has been through tough times. After the death of her husband her in-laws (the parents to her husband) claimed that she was the one who was unfaithful and as a result she as the one who brought HIV to their son. She was then forced to pack and leave, she had nowhere to go so finally she decided to go back to her parent’s home, but her parents sent her and her children away. Because of this, she took her children to live in Nairobi at the Kibera slum where they were taken in by a well-wisher. She went for hospital check up and she was advised to start using the Anti- Ritro Viral drugs as soon as possible, since her CD4 count was too low. She decided to relocate to Gataka where she was working in a quarry to earn a living with her children. Sometimes she looks for scrap metals which she sells to buy her children food, but it is not enough for daily food. Her main basic need is house rent and food. Regular meals are important because her body needs a balanced diet due to the HIV drugs she is taking. Due to lack of financial means the children are not in school.

Consolata Agola 

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