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Marginalised Community

Hillary Clinton:Let's continue to stand up for those who are vulnerable to being left out or marginalized...

The Maasai for many years has been one of the communities that have been marginalized because of their strong cultural practices and low education exposure. They are a pastoral community and they put a lot of value in their livestock which is their main source of livelihood and apart from the animals many have basically lived a sedentary life with a small percentage of children being sent to school. Over the years the girl child in this community has borne the brand of the archaic practices like the early girl child marriage and female genital mutilation. This in essence has denied the girl to have access to education and progressive hopeful future as it were. However, in the recent past we have seen and acknowledge the many efforts that are now being put to support the girl child in this community among other marginalized communities which we support very much but another trend is now emerging in the same community where now the boy child is being neglected and is left to tend the animals. 

As you traverse the Maasai landscape you will notice the boy child taking care of the animals, this we note may bring long term consequences and again expose the girl child to another challenge of getting men that can meet their expectations and level interactions. Our desire is to educate and empower both. In fact, the male child needs to get the desired education so that he can leave and discard the backward social cultural practices and this equally will put the girl child at a safe place because the boy child is enlightened and exposed.


A visit to the maasai community

We also work with the mothers and women in this community, training them on micro-entrepreneurship and help to market their products (handcrafts and beadworks) Also, we share spiritual, Bible teachings and health issues that relates to their reproductive health, child care and basic life skills


Delivering food Rations to the marginalised Community


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